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Treasured trove #2

Cel gallery


Never expose cels to light for a long time....   Aaaaaaaaah, and I exposed about 5 of them to light for about 2 years!  Well, the thing is that I had those on my wall.  And my room is naturally very bright (gee, I never noticed.  Though the sun never hits the cels directly, thank god!).  That, plus the 500Watts of lighting when I'm working on my computer (what was I thinking???!!?  uh, I wasn't thinking)...  As a result, I noticed some fading especially on the black lines... (thank goodness, they're not that noticeable).   Now those 5 are tugged away safely in cel albums, protected from any further environmental hazards.  AND, as a result, I decided to put the cels on my web site so I can enjoy looking at the cels... (Uh, I mean everybody can enjoy looking at those cels) from anywhere where there's Internet access.

Oh, wait, one more thing: do not copy nor distribute any of the cel images!

Ok? Now let's enjoy these eye candies... (^_^)

My Private Cel Collection