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Hikaru's Bar's "Attention" page translated... (please let me know any mistake in my translation, the ones in between " < > " are my own addendum).

Preliminary translation!

Everyone entering this "BAR" please be advised...

-That this is Midorikawa Hikaru's own HP <BBS>, so things that have absolutely nothing to do with this will be deleted.

-That since the max. number of posts is limited to 200, the oldest posts disappear.

-That if someone who already knows the answer to a question/s that has/have come up previously on the BBS, to please answer it/them.  Please give advice if someone makes a mistake.   Please take care of each other. <.... I need help on this translation..>

-That rudeness is not tolerated, if it continues, I'll shut down the BBS.  So as to prevent this, I sincerely hope that everyone will help make this place nice, relaxing, pleasant.

-That there're certain topics that aren't allowed on this BBS.

-On the max. number of posts <which is limited to 200>--  This is only because the more posts there are, the more strain is put on the server.

-On Chat--  I'm not that interested in Internet Relay Chat at this time, so I'm not planning to set one up on this site.

-On girlfriend--  "No comment" on the topics about whether I have a girlfriend or not; since I feel that I don't have the obligation to report this.  But when I get married, I'll clearly state so.

-On whom I sound like--  I'm not particularly happy on topics about someone sounding just like me, or that I sound just like whomever.  After all, I am myself. <trademark!(^_^)>


The above is horribly translated by Isabelle (^_^;;

In short, please exercise common sense (^_^)

1998 - 2004 by ISL.